Information for Out-of-State Students

UNI is located in the city of Cedar Falls situated on the banks of the Cedar River
in northeast Iowa, the Cedar Falls - Waterloo metropolitan area (population 110,000)
provides the benefits of urban life in a small-city setting.

UNI and Cedar Falls Community

Cedar Falls is centrally located between Chicago, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Kansas City and St. Louis.

The nearby Waterloo Regional Airport is only a 10-minute drive from the UNI campus.

The Cedar Falls-Waterloo community offers a wide range of opportunities: art galleries and museums, theatrical and musical performances, movie theatres, a variety of restaurants, major shopping centers, parks and nature reserves featuring hiking, biking, boating and cross-country skiing trails.


Geographic Origin

Top 5 represented states

  1. Iowa
  2. Minnesota
  3. Illinois
  4. Texas
  5. Nebraska


Driving Distances to UNI

City Miles
Chicago, IL 300
Kansas City, MO 320
Minneapolis / St. Paul, MN 215
Milwaukee, WI 270
Omaha, NE 260
Quad Cities, USA 150
Rochester, MN 120