Communications Electronic Media and Social Sciences Plan B (Education)

Waterloo, IA


Why did you choose UNI?

After I came back home from serving in the military I wanted an opportunity to serve again as a teacher. UNI had one of the best programs for becoming a teacher so it was an easy selection.

What's the best thing about UNI?

Smaller class sizes and the instructors in my education and communications programs are insightful yet challenging to my academics.

What surprised you most about UNI?

How much has changed since I enlisted in the navy since 1996. The improvements on campus are an asset to the university as well as a clear indication the UNI is growing to meet the needs of today’s college Student.

What kind of on-campus organizations/activities are you involved in? How does that involvement enrich your overall college experience?

I am the Co-Chair of the UNIVA (UNI Veterans Association) as well as the NISG Director of Veterans and Non-traditional Students. These organizations allow me to help my fellow Vets and other members of the military who are here on Campus. I am the treasurer of Cedar River Productions which has given me keen insight to the financial working of a real production company as I work with students and faculty to provide video services to UNI and the local community. I am also a member of AAF-UNI which gives me  a strong working knowledge of the advertising community plus away to network with professionals that may be my employers or peers after I graduate.

How has your academic experience been? Tell us about any great classes or professors that inspired or challenged you. Are you happy with your major choice?

I do love both of my majors and I have good instructors in both. I would have to say the Professor Bankston has been an important instructor as he is mindful of my knowledge of class subject matter as it pertains to the real world through my military experience and encourages me to share with my classmates who the subject matter applies, and he has awesome Chili at one point in any class you take with him. What can I say? His Chili is that good!!!!

What do you like best about your major?

I work with very creative students who are just as influential in my degree as the instructors are and I am learning about a field I love!

What's your favorite place on campus and why?

Rod Library, great working staff and Chris Neuhausis very helpful.

What advice would you give high school students getting ready for college?

Make sure you major in something you love doing, and study hard.

Years from now, what will you remember most about UNI?

The friends and instructors I shared my college experience with.

Has the Financial Aid office helped you with your college education? If so, in what ways?

I am on a VA Scholarship but I will say that Rene Carillo has been a strong asset for any issues I have.

What do you plan to do with your UNI education?

Not  just get a job, but be a leader in my field of education by going on to graduate school and become an expert at what I do.