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Meet our Admissions Counselors

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  • Amy Schipper
    Associate Director, Communications

    Hometown: Macomb, IL

    Phone: 319-273-2884


    Start checking your email! Colleges like to communicate with prospective students in many ways other than snail mail. Watch your email for important updates about events, scholarship deadlines, and fun stuff happening on campus!
  • Ashley  Richardson
    Graduate Assistant

    Hometown: Waukee, IA

    Phone: 319-273-2281


    "Take advantage of all the great activities on campus! Go rock climbing in the WRC, catch a movie in the Union, or check out the stars in the planetarium. The opportunities are endless, and the best part is they are free!"
  • Colby Reinking
    Admissions Counselor

    Hometown: Grundy Center, Iowa

    Territory: Northwest Iowa, Minnesota

    Phone: 319-273-2615


    "Whether it's required or not, do a relevant internship. Make sure it's one that aligns with your career goals and will provide you with valuable experience. Utilize your resources to set yourself up for success."
  • Dan Schofield
    Associate Director

    Hometown: Lytton, IA

    Territory: All others states (Not IA, MN, IL, NE, IN or TX)

    Phone: 319-273-6094


    Make as many connections as possible after you arrive on campus!
  • Danielle Weide
    Transfer Admissions Counselor

    Hometown: Templeton, IA

    Territory: Iowa Community Colleges

    Phone: 319-273-2359


    "Make everyday count by getting involved! Be proactive and take advantage of all that UNI has to offer!"
  • Jenny Connolly
    Assistant Director, Outreach

    Hometown: Dike, IA

    Territory: Black Hawk and Grundy counties

    Phone: 319-273-2365


    I tell every student I meet with two pieces of advice: 1) Meet and get to know your professors in the first month, one-on-one; 2) Join a student group in the first month of school, you won’t regret it!
  • Jessica DeWall
    Admissions Counselor

    Hometown: Pocahontas, IA

    Territory: Eastern Iowa, Illinois, and the Chicagoland area

    Phone: 319-273-6821


    "It's ok if you change your major multiple times. By embracing an open mind and a positive attitude, eventually you will find what you love to do and pour yourself into it."
  • Jesus Lizarraga
    Admissions Counselor, Multicultural Recruitment

    Hometown: Columbus Junction, IA

    Territory: Southeast Iowa, Texas

    Phone: 319-273-2733


    "Don't walk around campus simply texting and tweeting; make eye contact, smile, and talk to others! Leave the door to your room open and make the most of each day!"
  • Jo Loonan
    Senior Associate Director

    Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA

    Phone: 319-273-2385


    College is a place to reinvent yourself. Forget the past and become who you want to be!
  • Kristi Marchesani
    Assistant Director Admissions International Relations

    Hometown: Cedar Falls, IA

    Territory: The World!

    Phone: 319-273-2195


    Use your college years to experience as much as you can. Go out of your comfort zone and try something new. And, if you have the chance, travel overseas. There are so many amazing adventures awaiting!
  • Lisa Nicole Smith
    Assistant Director, Multicultural Recruitment

    Hometown: Chicago, IL

    Territory: Polk County, Indiana, and the Chicago Metro

    Phone: 319-273-7037


    "Get involved on campus. There are many opportunities for you to explore. Make your time in college one that you will look back on years later with pride."
  • Paul Sapp
    Transfer Coordinator

    Hometown: Eldon, IA

    Territory: Iowa Community Colleges and other tranfers

    Phone: 319-273-2864


    Make college more than just a series of courses you take to get a degree. Make it a time to truly grow as a person - and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.
  • Ryan Puhrmann
    Admissions Counselor, Electronic Communications

    Hometown: Waverly, IA

    Territory: Linn and Johnson counties

    Phone: 319-273-7097


    "Don't get caught up in making sure you have "the" college experience. Every student has their own path. Make this "your" college experience
  • Sean  Hartnett
    Admissions Counselor

    Hometown: Clear Lake, IA

    Territory: Southwest Iowa, Nebraska

    Phone: 319-273-2272


    "Be the student that makes UNI the place to be!"
  • Tom Reburn
    Systems Coordinator

    Hometown: Le Roy, MN

    Phone: 319-273-6147


    "Take time to explore all of your college interests. The more knowledge you have, the more certain you will be in your college decision."
  • Trina  Landmesser
    Admissions Counselor

    Hometown: West Bend, Iowa

    Territory: Northeast Iowa

    Phone: 319-273-7257


    "Whether you are first year student or a fourth year student, start focusing on your future career now! It is never too early to start working with Career Services on that big next step."

Staff Behind The Scenes

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  • Belinda Dix
    Record Analyst
  • Bryant Dowd
    International Record Analyst
  • Deb Sturm
    Phone Manager
  • Jaye Miller
    Record Analyst
  • Kristin Soppe
    Record Analyst
  • Laurie Russell
    Record Analyst
  • Linda Chapin
    Record Analyst
  • Linda Jernigan
    International Record Analyst
  • Lori Clark-Fuller