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Office of Academic Advising

Meet the Advising Team

To contact any of the staff members of Academic Advising, please call (319) 273-3406 or email the individual staff member (address provided with each staff member's bio).

Angie Tudor (Academic Advisor)

Major:  Psychology

Favorites:  Attending Panther Basketball games! In my free time I also enjoy movies, shopping, reading and spending time with family.

Advice to Students:  Get involved beginning with your first semester! College is more than just classes.

Christen Brodbeck (Graduate Assistant)

Undergraduate Major:  Communication

Favorites: Reading on the purple and gold lawn chairs, meeting friends in the union, and walking my dog on campus.

Advice to Students:  Time management skills should never be underestimated and Netflix is not always your friend. Google Calendar and Google Keep can make your life significantly more organized. Make sure to get involved in one academic group and one 'fun' group on campus. Never believe that you are too young to apply for leadership roles! 

David Marchesani (Interim Director)

Undergraduate Major:  Accounting

Favorites: Attending Panther athletic events with my wife and three boys! I enjoy being outside and taking advantage of the fantastic bike trails in the Cedar Valley when not attending one of the many activities my boys are involved in.

Advice to Students: Take the time to understand and listen to who "you" are – your passion, strengths, interests and skills – to help with your decision making and connections to opportunities on campus and future career possibilities!

Dr. Anthony Smothers (Academic Advisor)

Undergraduate Major: Business Administration & Marketing

Favorites: The Union is the best place on campus to see students, food and fun! I love spending time with family, UNI athletics, college football and home improvement projects. I also enjoy reading James Paterson books.

Advice to Students: Find something you enjoy doing for a balanced life of academics and personal! I recommend getting involved at UNI in your hall, a student organization, traditions program, or intramural sport.

Heather Asmus (Academic Advisor)

Major: English, Professional Writing Minor

Favorites: The UNI Library, baking, books, movies, spending time with family, and going for a long run.

Advice to students: Your attitude is one thing YOU CAN control. If you are in a rut, change your perspective, and never underestimate the power of a good night's sleep.

Jane Fritts (Secretary)

Undergraduate Major: Elementary Education

Favorites: Enjoy attending Panther athletic, music and theatre events. I also enjoy traveling, good movies and spending time with my family and friends.

Advice to Students: Take advantage of all that the University has to offer. There are so many activities going on. This is your time to explore and try new things. Just do it!

Jennifer Fitzgerald (Academic Advisor)

Undergraduate Major:  Studio Art- Graphic Design

Favorites:  Coffee/Chocolate

Advice to Students: You only regret the things you didn't do. So get out there, join a student org, befriend a professor, Study Abroad, participate in National Student Exchange, hang out with people of a different culture, go to a sporting event, see a play...just get out and do something unexpected. Be audacious.You never know who you'll meet or what you'll learn about yourself and others. 


Michele Peck (Assistant Director / Advising Development)

Undergraduate Major: Special Education Teaching

Favorites: Favorite get-away close to campus: George Wyth State Park via the Cedar Valley bike trails. A great place to take a study break, relax and enjoy nature!

Advice to Students: Challenge yourself to make the most of your time in college....get out of your comfort zone! Try ice climbing, take part in a volunteer opportunity in the community, participate in National Student Exchange, or get to know someone from another culture or background than you. There are so many opportunities all around you, and it will never be this easy again to try something new. You'll be glad you did!