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Office of Academic Advising

Parents & Families

Parents and family members are important players in your student's college career!  The support, help and encouragement from parents and family members are essential for a student's educational journey.  This is also an important time in your student's personal development to grow in their independence and responsibility as well as to approach and manage this new endeavor and environment in their own way.

There are many academic resources and services that are available at the University of Northern Iowa for your student to provide guidance and assistance in all aspects of their college journey.  Keep in communication with your student - and encourage them to be proactive and engaging with the opportunities and services at UNI.  Here are some questions that you should be asking your student:

  • Do you know who your academic advisor is?  Have you interacted / communicated with your academic advisor?  
      • Tip for parents:  Encourage your student to visit with their academic advisor early in the semester rather than only at course registration time...especially if your student is needing academic assistance or help with deciding on a major and/or career.

  • How are you feeling about your choice of major and/or career directions?  Do you want to explore other major/career options or should you seek assistance in selecting or changing your major?
      • Tip for parents:  Have your student visit with an academic advisor in the Office of Academic Advising (102 Gilchrist Hall / 319-273-3406) to engage in exploring, selecting or changing a major.

  • Where are you finding the best places to study on campus?  Do you know what academic success / tutoring resources are available to you if needed?  How much are you studying each day?
      • Tip for parents:  As a general rule, students are encouraged to study 2 - 3 hours per week for each unit/credit hour enrolled in for the semester.

  • How are you getting involved at UNI outside of the classroom?  Have you been participating in activities and events in the residence hall?
      • Tip for parents:  If not student is not yet connected, have them visit with the <a title="UNI Student Involvement Center" href="" target=%2