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Office of Academic Advising

Peer Academic Advisor in Residence

Peer Academic Advisor in Residence (PAIR) are students who work in the Office of Academic Advising, as well as within their assigned residence hall. Each PAIR, receives specific training that enables them to assist students in a variety of areas including:

  • Major and career options
  • Declaring or changing a major
  • Scheduling
  • Classes
  • Study skills and strategies
  • Resources around campus

Click here for an application! Apply to be a PAIR.

BECOME A PAIR IN 2016-17!  The Office of Academic Advising is now accepting applications for students interested in becoming a Peer Academic Advisor in Residence for the 2016-17 academic year.  Please download this application form and submit to Heather Asmus by Wednesday, March 2, 2016.

Who are the PAIRS?

Bender Hall PAIR - Kinsey

Bender Hall PAIR - Kinsey

Major: Electronic Media: Production / Performance

Minor(s): Journalism and Public Relations

Hometown: Dubuque, Iowa

Where do I Get Involved: CAB, Hall Senate, and Dance Marathon

My "Favorites" at UNI: Freshens smoothies from Chats, sitting on the roof of Maucker Union, and CAB movie nights.

Advice to New Students: UNI gives you so many opportunities, take advantage of all the events, clubs, and organizations you can!

Campbell Hall PAIR - Rylee

Campbell Hall PAIR - Rylee

Major: Elementary / Middle Level Education

Minor(s): Literacy

Hometown: Waverly, Iowa

Where do I Get Involved: Senator for the Northern Iowa Student Government, National Residence Hall Honorary, and Cat Crew for UNI Now

My "Favorites" at UNI: RHA social programming events, hanging out on my RA's futon, Peanut Butter Mocha Frappe at Chats, and going for walks with my RLC's dog, Yeezy.

Advice to New Students: Get involved and learn the inner-workings of the university! Do anything that challenges your perspectives and beliefs; don't hide in a filter bubble. Also, call your parents, they miss you!

Dancer Hall PAIR - Megan

Major: Elementary / Middle Level Education

Minor(s): Mathematics

Hometown: Anamosa, Iowa

Where do I Get Involved: Northern Iowa Wishmakers – Associate Director of Fundraising

My "Favorites" at UNI: Mac'n'cheese bar at the Piazza, the Youth Collection on the 3rd floor of the library, and Homecoming Week festivities

Advice to New Students: When you go to class in the morning, pack your bag for the whole day, and use your breaks between classes to do homework or other studying instead of returning to your room. You'll be much more productive this way!

Hagemann Hall PAIR - Derek

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Wall Lake, IA

Where do I get Involved: UNI Singers, Chi Alpha, and Hall Senate

My "Favorites" at UNI: Maucker Union is an amazing place to work on homework or hang out with friends!

Advice to New Students: Plan out your daily schedule the night before and make sure you schedule some leisure time for yourself so the day doesn't seem so long. This is a great way to make sure you get your work done and have an amazing college experience!

Noehren Hall PAIR - Madison

Noehren Hall PAIR - Madison

Major: English Teaching

Hometown: Marion, Iowa

Where do I get Involved: I am involved in Noehren Hall Senate as the President, the Residence Hall Association, BASIC, and Camp Adventure.

My "Favorites" at UNI: Going up in the Campanile, walking across Quad Fields during a pretty sunset, swimming at the WRC, Marnie Tucker, (the Noehren RLC's dog), Biscotti's, and all of my wonderful friends!

Advice to New Students: Get involved! Whether it's through Greek Life, your hall senate, or any other organization/group/club on campus, (and there are a lot to choose from), get involved! It will help you make friends and memories that will last far beyond graduation.

Rider Hall PAIR - Joshua

Rider Hall PAIR - Joshua

Major: Accounting

Hometown: Urbandale, Iowa

Where do I get Involved: I like to do intramural racquetball and any activities around campus that catch my eye.

My "Favorites" at UNI: I love the movie clubs in the halls and seeing the squirrels run around campus. This is a beautiful campus and I enjoy taking walks in the nice weather.

Advice to New Students: Establish a connection with the teachers. They can be a great resource not only for the class, but for scholarships and jobs. You should also get your sleep schedule in order to avoid wasting time with too many naps.

Shull Hall PAIR - Maddison

Shull Hall PAIR - Maddison

Major(s): Communication / Public Relations  

Minor(s): Political Science, Marketing, Journalism

Hometown: Lynville, IA

Where do I get Involved: UNI Speech Team, CIEP Conversation Partner, and Political Science Society.

My "Favorites" at UNI:  The London Fogs from Chats, quick naps in the Lang Hall 2nd floor study area, and Campus Activities Board movie nights!

Advice to New Students: Get to know other students in your classes!  You will make new friends and can get notes that you miss...and a potential study-buddy!