Andrey N. Petrov

 Andrey N. Petrov (PhD, Toronto; PhD, Herzen) is Assistant Professor of Geography, Director, Arctic Social and Environmental Systems Research Lab and Academic Director of GeoTREE Center at the University of Northern Iowa. Dr. Petrov is an economic and social geographer who specializes in Arctic economy, regional development and post-Soviet society, with an emphasis on the social geography of indigenous populations of Russia. His current research is focused on regions of the Russian and Canadian North and concerns regional development, spatial organization, and restructuring of peripheral economies. Dr. Petrov leads the Research Coordination Network in Arctic Sustainability (Arctic-FROST). He has published on issues pertaining to socio-economic crisis, development, and demographic dynamics of indigenous and non-Indigenous populations in the North.



Faculty Fellows


Student Researchers

Arif Masrur (BS, University of Dhaka) – specializes in environmental geography and GIS. His research focuses on wildfire activity and climate change in the Arctic.

Emily Francis

Emily Francis (BS, Keene State College) – specializes in environmental geography and GIS. Her research focuses on wild reindeer/caribou and environmental dynamics in the Arctic.

Ekaterina Korzh

Ekaterina Korzh (BS, St. Petersburg State University) – specializes in economic geography and GIS. Her research focuses on economic development strategies and population change in the Arctic.

Andrey Kushkin

Andrey Kushkin (BS, St. Petersburg State University) is ARCSES webmaster. Andrey’s research concentration is GIS, cartography and computational geography. He is engaged in producing the Census Atlas of Russia.

Yulia Zykova

Yulia Zykova (BS, St. Petersburg State University) – specializes in GIS and remote sensing. Yulia investigates long-term and catastrophic changes in Arctic and Subarctic landscapes associated with volcanic and wildfire activity. She is also engaged in producing the Census Atlas of Russia.

Research Affiliates

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Philip A. Cavin (MA, UNI) – works on issues of economic development, human well-being and socio-economic impact assessment in remote areas.

Jonathon J. Launspach

Jonathon J. Launspach (MA, UNI) – specializes in GIS analysis, remote sensing and fire-induced ecosystem change.

Anna V. Pestereva

Anna V. Pestereva (ABD, St. Petersburg State University) – Anna works on spatial modeling of climate change and wild reindeer migration in northern Russia.

Matthew Cooney

Matthew Cooney (MA, UNI) – specializes in environmental analysis and GIS. Matt studies climate change and spatial dynamics of migratory caribou and wild reindeer in the Arctic.

Leonid A. Kolpashchikov (Dr. Sci.) – Head of Research, The Joint Directorate of Taimyr Nature Preserves. Dr. Kolpashchikov is the world’s leading specialist in biology and biogeography of Arctic large mammals.