IN THE UNI Department of Art, we are always searching for educational experiences for students (and for faculty) that extend beyond the classroom. Sometimes these consist of opportunities to study and/or teach in other countries (e.g., Russia, Spain, Australia), or for students to attend a different university for a semester (almost anywhere in the US and in many international institutions), while still enrolled at UNI.

In recent years, UNI students and faculty have been especially active in producing large-scale outdoor sculpture. These works can be seen in the sculpture garden at the Hearst Center for the Arts in Cedar Falls, and at numerous other locations in Waterloo and surrounding areas. The Department of Art has also initiated educational projects in local public schools), has hosted conferences, and has sponsored public lectures, performances, exhibitions, and other events in local art centers, schools, and even shopping malls.


At UNI, the development of my work, personal gains, and other achievements were always met with encouragement from the faculty.

Gillian Christy
BFA 2002
Providence RI
Faculty and students in the UNI Department of Art have long been active in taking on client-based projects. Virtually all departmental publications (gallery posters, viewbook, website) are designed by students and professors. By bringing clients into the classroom, and by going out into the community, in the past our students have produced CD packaging, paramedic badges, publications (books, magazines, brochures), logos, websites, animations, signage, and the entire interior of a new museum (the historic home of Carrie Chapman Catt in Charles City IA).
© Marie Truscott
© Anne Reynolds
Nick Donovan
Paramedic Badge Designs
Childrens Book Illustration Exhibit at the Hearst Center for the Arts
© Sean Murphy
Museum Interior at Carrie Chapman Catt Childhood Home near Charles City, Iowa, designed by UNI students Education Conference department of art
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