Best Practices

Professor with studentsSTEM outreach at UNI offers teachers access to information on the Iowa Core and video examples of best practices teaching methods in action. The Iowa Core provides academic expectations for all Iowa K-12 students and seeks to provide a world-class curriculum. The Core focuses on a well-researched set of standards in literature and mathematics and essential concepts in science, social studies and 21st century learning. For more information, go to the Iowa Department of Education’s Web page on the Core.

Another recommended source of information on best practices is the Modeling Method™ of High School Physics Instruction, developed at Arizona State University.  The Modeling Method corrects many weaknesses of the traditional lecture/demonstration method, including fragmentation of knowledge, student passivity and persistence of naïve beliefs about the physical world.  In 2000 the program was extended to physical science and in 2005 to chemistry, and work is under way on a new program in biology.  For articles, presentations and recommendations for educators, resources for the modeling classroom, Web links for modelers and curriculum resources for modeling instruction, visit the AMTA Modeling Instruction website.

Externships The opportunity for teachers to work in the summer in STEM careers

A World in Motion Sponsored by the SAE Society of Automotive Engineers brings STEM to life in the classroom

Camp in A Can Day camp materials for activities and crafts

Carolina STEM curriculum

CASE Curriculum for Agricultural Science Education

Defined STEM is a web based curriculum that uses real world experiences in various professions               

Engineering is Elementary  Twenty units  that present fun, challenging, and engaging engineering challenges

Health Career Connection

HyperStream Connect with technology professionals

PLTW Gateway to Technology