Graduate Study

GraduatesCurriculum and Instruction offers graduate study and degree programs with a variety of emphasis options and in both on-campus and distance learning settings.

Our graduate students develop a solid foundation in both theory and practice. Students experience their coursework in collaborative and interactive small-group settings. Personal attention and authentic task-based activities are emphasized.

Our faculty are recognized internationally in their fields. Many have served as officers and leaders in national professional organizations. Others have written articles published in highly respected journals and/or received state, national or international awards.



The Department of Curriculum and Instruction is currently not enrolling new students into Master's programs in Education of the Gifted and Middle Level Education. However, students who are currently in progress in these programs will be able to complete their degrees. Current budget constraints require faculty who usually teach in these master's programs to teach in other programs to replace faculty lost through retirement. Hopefully, this restriction is temporary and we will again be able to offer these Master's programs in the future as the budget situation improves.