Doctoral Study

This area of intensive study is designed to prepare scholar practitioners to plan, implement, evaluate, and supervise educational programs for children, from infancy through adolescence, and adult learners, inclusive of a wide variety of diversity. Faculty in this intensive study area come from many departments and disciplines, including but not limited to prekindergarten through tertiary curriculum and pedagogy; foundations of education in psychology, philosophy, social sciences; disability studies, gifted and talented, and multicultural education; literacy education; instructional technology, school library studies; and P-12 content areas such as mathematics, physical education, science, social studies, and language arts.  Students interested in becoming scholar-practitioners to plan, implement, evaluate, and supervise educational programs for children and adult learners with an emphasis on inclusion and diversity will apply for admission through the Curriculum & Instruction Intensive Study Area.


ISA Coordinator

Dr. Linda Fitzgerald

EdD:  Curriculum and Instruction

Curriculum and Instruction EdD


(319) 273-2214



Please note:

  • The Graduate Record Examination (General Test) IS REQUIRED for admission.

  • Applicants must take the Analytical Writing Ability component of the Graduate Record Exam and demonstrate evidence of professional writing ability.

  • Comprehensive requirements and dissertation are required for completion.

  • Applicants should have goals directly related to the mission of the program.

  • Applicants with an undergraduate grade point average of less than 3.00 for all prior undergraduate work will not usually be considered for regular admission.

  • Applicants must have a minimum of three years of experience as a professional educator.

  • Candidates must have master’s level education research methods and statistics coursework prior to beginning professional core classes for this program:  MEASRES 6205 (250:205) or HPELS 6290 (440:290) or equivalent and a substantial intro to statistics course, MEASRES 4180/5180 or HPELS 6210 (440:210) or equivalent

  • This program requires 60 semester hours beyond a Master’s Degree.

Applications Due February 1