e-Portfolio Guide


A Master's degree in Instructional Technology means more than a transcript and diploma. Students compile a large collection of products that demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and dispositions that they have acquired throughout their program of study. Collectively, these products provide evidence of success in the program. These products, when combined with personal reflections, provide the artifacts necessary to represent a student's knowledge base.

The completion of an electronic portfolio is the comprehensive exit requirement for UNI graduate students earning a Master's degree in Instructional Technology or Performance & Training Technology. The portfolio is the culminating activity in which you are organizing artifacts and reflecting on their importance with regard to your professional development. Your reflections will be integrated into a portfolio along with artifacts and additional reflection about the broader impact of your work as a whole.

Your e-portfolio needs to be completed by the 9th week of the semester during which you plan to graduate. You will not be allowed to participate in commencement ceremonies before the successful completion of your coursework, portfolio and final project, paper, or thesis.

This web site is designed to provide you with the information necessary to complete your e-portfolio successfully. It includes an explanation of the organizational framework of your e-portfolio (Structure). The required set of artifacts is listed (Artifacts). The various reflection prompts are provided (Reflections). Links to the standards for aligning your e-portfolio are included (Standards). While the overall format for your e-portfolio is up to you, there are some guidelines (Format). The rubric for assessing your e-portfolio is posted (Assessment). If you are unclear about some of the requirements, please complete the Email/feedback form and someone will contact you promptly about your inquiry.