Current job postings

Library Director, Polk City Community Library, Polk City, Iowa.  Posted: January 20, 2017.  See job posting for details.

 K-12 Teacher Librarian, Centerville Community Schools, Centerville, Iowa. Posted here: October, 26, 2015. See job posting for details.  


Employment search

If you are a school administrator looking to fill a librarian position, contact Dr. Karla Krueger, School Library Studies Program Coordinator.

If you are a School Library Studies graduate and are in the job market, please let your professors know. 


State and national job listings

Teacher librarian positions in Iowa and throughout the US are posted on the following websites.

Illinois: Illinois Education Job Bank

Iowa: TeachIowa, IAReap

Minnesota: MASA

Nebraska: Nebraska Education Jobs

Wisconsin: State of Wisconsin Employment

Texas: Texas Reap

US: School Spring, Teacher Jobs