College of Education Student Technology Fund Proposals 2012-2013

Please find below in pdf format the forms and proposals for the ranking process.  Please read through the Proposal Ranking Guidelines before starting the ranking process.  Complete the ranking form and submit to Mindy no later than November 30th.


Ranking guidelines

Ranking form

Proposals listed in the order received:


#1  Nancy Scoggins Rose - UNI-CUE:  Purchase (4) Av lecterns for UNI-CUE classrooms


#2  Nicole Skaar - Ed Psych:  AMOS software for student learning purposes


#3  Dr. Joe Wilson - HPELS:  BirdieBall set movement activity set for children


#4  Jim Hall - HPELS:  IST Diving systems to be used as a teaching tool


#5  Forrest Dolgener - HPELS:  9 Computers with 23" monitors & add'l internet connection


#6  Travis Ficklin - HPELS/PEMES:  60" HDTV for classroom projection & external drive


#7  Aimee Klostermann - C & I:  10 Ipads, Apple TV, Toshiba 32" LED TV


#8  James Hall – HPELS:  Heartstart AED equipment, Little Anne training system


#9  Susan Brennan - Spec. Ed: 5 Dell, 5 Mini Ipads, 1 (10) pack Ipads


#10  Jody Stone - C & I: iPad apps for IRTS lab iPads


#11  Dr. Michele Devlin - HPELS:  Panasonic Toughpad, Dell Optiplex, color printer, misc education supplies


#12  Shelley McCumber - HPELS:  Polor activity monitor, cases, licenses, fitness program software, server


#13  Trey Leech - HPELS:  Canon gadget bag, wireless microphone, camcorder, card reader


#14  Magdalena Galloway - C & I:  Wireless mirroring content, 5 seat licenses, Blue Mic microphone, table with whiteboard surface, HDTV, wall mount bracket, iMac, skype camera tv


#15  Lori Shannon - C & I:  Keyfolio, ipad learning lab, 10-pk ipad, Macbook Pro, applications