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Mission and Diversity Statements


Department of Residence
University of Northern Iowa

Department of Residence Mission
The Department of Residence contributes to the success of students and the university by providing exceptional hospitality and creating dynamic communities.
Department of Residence Statement on Diversity
The University of Northern Iowa Department of Residence is committed to the diversity within our resident communities and work environments. This commitment is demonstrated by respect for individuals regardless of their ability, gender, religion, race, creed, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation, national origin, color or veteran status.
Acts of intolerance are unacceptable, for they threaten each of us and the communities we share. Such incidents are detrimental to the campus environment and are inconsistent with the missions of the Division of Educational and Student Services and the Department of Residence.
Students and staff are encouraged to develop positive relationships and to learn about, appreciate, and value human and cultural diversity. Each member of the Department of
Residence and resident communities has a responsibility, beyond mere tolerance, to respect each other.
The University of Northern Iowa is an equal opportunity educator and employer with a comprehensive plan for affirmative action. The Department of Residence requests this information for the purpose of processing your Resident Assistant application. No one outside the University will routinely be provided this information except for the directory information of name and UNI address.
The University of Northern Iowa and the Department of Residence are committed to inclusiveness and diversity and are seeking candidates who will support and further this commitment.