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Contract Completion Guides


Below is a contract completion guide to help answer some of the questions for different sections of your contract. Click on the sections or scroll below for more information.

1. Personal Information
2. Residence Hall Assignment Priorities
3. Meal Plan Options
4. Panther Profile, Panther Picks Preference and Panther Picks
5. Disabilities and Special Health Needs
6. Contractual Responsibilities
7. Changes in Your Contract

1. Personal Information

  • All contracts are completed online.
  • When you complete your contract online, you will be required to log into a secure server which requires the use of your CatID.
  • When you complete your contract online, your personal information will be provided. There will be a link to correct your personal information if necessary.
  • You will be required to provide Missing Person Contact information on this page. For more information regarding this, please click here.
  • Students under the age of 18 that are completing this contract will  need to print the required signature page for their parent(s) to sign.  Once sign, the form will need to be returned to the Department of Residence.

2. Residence Hall Assignment Priorities

To assist us in determining the best room assignment, please select your TOP FOUR CHOICES of residence hall assignment priorities. Refer to the online summary of Community Living Options (and section III on the Residence Hall and Dining Contract) for more details about each one. Men and women live in alternating houses (floors) in those halls which do not indicate they are for women only.

All residence halls are smoke free. If you are a smoker, please indicate so in the Lifestyle Profile. We will continue to assign smokers to rooms with other smokers and non-smokers to rooms with other non-smokers. Smoking in public areas of buildings is prohibited anywhere on campus, including residence halls.

Refer to the summary of Community Living Options when selecting your residence hall assignment priorities.

9-Month Housing

Continuous nine-month housing is available for students who desire a place to live from the beginning of fall semester through the end of spring semester. Refer to Community Living Options for further information. Select a hall that is open between fall and spring semesters. During break periods residents of the 9-month halls who want to stay must notify the hall staff of their intentions. Those who want to stay during the December-January break must be enrolled for spring semester, as well.

Summer school housing is available for students. If you are interested in summer school housing, contracts will be available during spring semester. Please contact your hall office for assistance.


Lawther Hall offers a limited number of suites as an option. A suite is a space in which three or four students live together in two adjoining rooms. Often residents choose to use one room as the bedroom and one as a living room.

If you would like to be considered for a suite in Lawther Hall, please indicate your interest on the Lifestyle Profile. New students will only be assigned to suites if there are three or four students all requesting to room with each other.

Students living in a suite with two roommates (3 person suite) pay an additional $300 per person per year over the double room rate.

If you would like to room with with two or three other specific roommates, you will be able to request the additional roommates in the Roommate Selection step. Meal Plans

3. Meal Plan Options

2013-2014 Meal Plan Options

4. Panther Profile, Panther Picks Preference and Panther Picks

Roommate Request Tips

Panther Profile and Panther Picks is optional.  If you do not participate in the Panther Profile and Panther Picks, you will be assigned to a roommate. 

Panther Picks is used to assist you in finding a roommate based on the compatibility of answers between you and other users. All information captured in your profile is kept confidential and will not be shared with any third party. Your user profile will be associated to the screen name you create. You will need to complete the Lifestyle Profile in order to request a specific roommate as well.

In order to use the Panther Picks system to help in the selection of a roommate, you will need to include yourself in the Panther Picks Preference. You will need to do this even if you have the name of someone you want to room with. Once you have requested and confirmed your choice with that person, you can come back to the contract and change the preference on being included in the Panther Picks Search.

The Panther Picks step provides you with the option of choosing a specific roommate or searching for a roommate that matches based on answers to the Lifestyle Profile.

  • The Search by Details option will allow you to add a roommate request by entering their date of birth and their full first and last name. In order for a roommate match to be made, your requested roommate must complete the same process and you will each need to confirm each other as roommates. (Make sure you are both included in the roommate search process.)
  • The Browse Matching Roommates option will provide you with a list of other students who best match your profile selections. This option will allow you to view profiles, send messages and request a roommate. Once you have requested a roommate, that person will need to confirm that they want to be your roommate.

Please note that in order to request a roommate they must have a contract started.

Roommate Requests must be completed by May 1. The room assignment for valid roommate requests is made using the later contract date.

5. Disabilities and Special Health Needs

When notified in advance, we will try to accommodate reasonable housing requests related to disabilities and special health needs. If you complete your contract on paper, please indicate (with a check) that you have such needs. Students wishing to request special accommodations in the residence halls should visit the Student Disabilities Services website for instructions on completing the Request for Services - Housing and Dining Accommodations form as fully as possible. The student's health care professional should complete the Evaluator Form. Both forms should be submitted to Student Disability Services at the information listed on their website.  If you are completing this contract online, please follow the instructions for sending an email with your request.


Students with physical disabilities, especially those who use wheelchairs, are asked to request Noehren Hall as their top residence hall choice, where they will usually be assigned to rooms on the first and second floors. Dancer Hall has additional accommodations on second and third floors. Both halls have elevator service to all floors. Adjacent dining centers include elevator access.

Air Conditioners

An air conditioner is permitted, but only when it is a documented medical necessity. To request air conditioning, students need to submit the Request for Services - Housing and Dining Accommodations form and the Evaluator Form which can be found on the Student Disabilities Services website. For safety reasons, air conditioners will not be installed in Bender and Dancer Halls.

When Student Disability Services receives both these documents, the request will be reviewed. Requests must be submitted by May 1 for fall semester or December 15 for spring semester.  A written decision regarding the request will be provided to the student prior to the opening of the halls, following review by Student Disability Services and the Department of Residence staff.

Requests received after the above deadlines may not be accommodated based on current room assignment, or your room assignment may be changed without your approval.

The need for an air conditioner will affect the room and hall assignment. A yearly fee of $200 will be assessed for installing and usage of an air conditioner.

6. Contractual Responsibilities

Once you have completed and thoroughly read the Residence Hall and Dining Contract, please click in the appropriate place on the Agree to Terms and Conditions step. By doing this, you agree to abide by the terms and conditions specified in the contract. Please note that this contract is for the entire academic year (fall and spring semester) unless you are:

  1. a new resident in spring semester,
  2. a Culture and Intensive English Program student who is enrolled only for part of a semester or
  3. signed up for the 2-Year Advantage Plan which is a contract for two academic years.

7. Changes in Your Contract

If you wish to change any of the information on your contract, you MUST submit your changes online by May 1 and December 15 for the respective semesters. Changes after those dates may have to wait until after classes start. ASSIGNMENT LETTERS WILL BE MAILED IN JUNE FOR FALL SEMESTER.