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Campus Conveniences


Living on-campus puts you in the thick of college life: dining, classes, the library, computer labs, recreational facilities, athletic events, concerts, performances, and activities. You can't beat the conveniences of living on-campus! Here are a few conveniences you can take advantage of while living on campus.

Free on-campus mail

Did you know if you need to mail something to anywhere at UNI, you don't need a stamp? Simply address the envelope as normal, then stop by your hall or apartment office. Put your mail in the on-campus mail basket. If you have any questions just ask your hall/apartment secretary or desk assistant!

Off-campus mail

Each hall has a mail drop box located in the hall lobby area. Mail in these boxes is picked up throughout the week. If you miss the pickup time for these boxes, there are other mailboxes located around campus (including one near Gilchrist).


If you need change for the vending machines, you can stop by your hall office. The office will be willing to give you change for bills smaller than a $20 bill.


Hate having to go off campus to use an ATM? Don't worry, there are plenty of locations available on-campus. ATM's are located in the Maucker Union, the Redeker Center, 23rd Street Market, and the Rialto dining center.


Do you have questions about parking for yourself or for a guest? If so visit the Public Safety Website for more information.