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Dining Employment


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The University of Northern Iowa Department of Residence Dining Service is the largest employer on campus, with over 750 students every semester. Ensuring a positive experience, the Department of Residence aims to provide "safe, nutritious high quality food served pleasantly in a clean and attractive setting."

Benefits of Working in Dining Services

  • Convenience of on-campus employment
  • Flexible schedule that works around your classes
  • Excellent wage and incentive plan
  • Opportunities for advancement (supervision and management positions available)
  • Management training positions available
  • Weekend work based on a rotated schedule
  • Great way to make new friends
  • Work up to 40 hours per week or just a few hours per week
  • Learn valuable skills for your future (customer service, teamwork, time management, public relations)
  • Scholarships available to student employees
  • Summer job opportunities available

Wage Scale

Dining Services pays a $7.75 base rate. Your wage increases as you work more hours.

If you work.....
You earn.....
Less than 11 hours per week $7.75 per hour
11 to 15.9 hours per week $8.25 per hour
16 to 19.9 hours per week $8.60 per hour
20 or more hours per week $8.95 per hour

For job descriptions, click here.

Apply quick an easy:  Application Form
Apply for open student positions on The Online Job Board.

Management and Staff Positions

The Department of Residence Dining Services has many opportunities for full-time employment also. These positions are filled through the Human Resources Department. Click here for more information.