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Special Dietary Needs


UNI Dining Services is happy to assist you in avoiding certain allergens or with other special dietary assistance. A note from your medical provider will be required to do so.

Be aware that nutrient analysis, ingredient, and allergen information will be on our online menus. Once you choose a venue, click on the big red apple for a food made available during that meal. To view nutrient analysis and ingredients, click on your food of choice. There is a possibility that formulations may change from manufacturers, so do not hesitate to ask questions while in the dining facility.

We accommodate a wide range of dietary accommodations within our all you care to eat facilities. We do ask students that request dietary accommodations to follow these steps:

  1. Complete and submit a Request for Service Form - Housing and Dining Accommodations. Return this form to Student Disability Services as noted on the form.
  2. Have your medical provider fill out an Evaluator Form and return to Students Disability Services as noted on the form.
  3. Set up an appointment with Lisa Krausman, registered dietitian to discuss your specific needs and options that are available for you. Both Rialto and Piazza have designated areas within their facilities where they serve gluten free meals, meals that do not contain the top eight allergens, and vegan items. Additional items can be prepared to help meet students individual needs by contacting Lisa Krausman, registered dietitian.

 If you would like to set up an appointment with the Dining Services Dietitian at UNI Dining Services, please call (319) 273-6937 or email