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Advisor Checklist


Advisor’s Start-up Checklist



 Advising Prep Work (by phone before classes begin?)
_  Establish semester’s appointments schedule with president
_  Establish with president and execs: semester’s regular exec meeting dates, times and first location
_  Establish with president and execs: semester’s regular senate meetings dates, times and first locations
_  Advisor (and/or president) letter or e-mail or phone message to all execs, welcoming them back and specifying details from what is established above (where to be when,etc.)

Hall President

 Initial (90-minute!) Appointment Checklist
(contact president before first day of classes for meeting early that week)
_  Personal background
_  Each one’s roles in one-on-one appointments
_  Each one’s role in exec meetings
_  Each one’s role in senate meetings
_  How to handle conflicts with each other
_  Agreed-upon, mutual expectations (include confidentiality) of one another (and how they will be revisited later)
_  Roles of other execs (from Constitution)
_  Agenda for first exec meeting
_  Promotion and building of enthusiasm for Senate Retreat
_  Standard agenda for regular advisor-president appointments
_  Standard agenda for regular exec meetings
_  Roughed out ideas for developing exec group through the semester
_  Follow-up note of appreciation and wrap-up to president
_  Other:


 Initial  (90 minute!) Exec Meeting Checklist
(contact execs early to meet no later than first week of classes)
_  Personal backgrounds
_  Review of what was discussed in president-advisor appointment
_  Clarify roles
_  Establish agreed-upon, mutual expectations (and how they will be revisited later)
_  Agenda for Senate Retreat
_  Promotion and building of enthusiasm for Senate retreat (agenda sent out in advance)
_  Exec objectives for the semester
_  Agenda items for next exec meeting
_  Advisor and president follow-up thank you notes to each exec
_  Other:

Senate Retreat

Senate Retreat Agenda (2 hour, with refreshment break)
-  Welcome
-  Introductions of everyone
-  Thanks (by names) for any hall opening things that were done
-  Icebreaking
-  Purpose of group (from constitution and advisor/president)
-  Roles of execs and members
-  Relationship of group to houses and Residence Leadership Council
-  Funding and budget
-  Recent accomplishments
-  Meeting schedule for semester
-  Standing agenda for the semester (additional ideas from group?) and how it will be formed and disseminated in advance (e-mail?)
-  Minutes (how to use them and when and how  they’ll be disseminated)
-  Vision statement development
-  Establish mutual expectations (and how they will be re-visited later)
-  Semester fund allocation between Senate and houses
-  Semester goal-setting and funding ceilings for Senate
-  Other: