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Homecoming 2009


October 17, 2009

Thank you for coming the RA Alumni tent at the 2009 Panther Festival Saturday, October 17. I would like to thank the staff and students who volunteered for all the fun of meeting you, welcoming you back to campus and exchanging stories and news about DOR experiences. Though I missed the day, know that my cheeks hurt from smiling after assembling these photos for our website! It was great to see so many RAs returning to campus! (It is easy to make changes if I need to correct a caption; so let me know if a correction is needed.)

.Our next RA Alumni event is tentatively set: RA Alumni night at the February 6 Men's Basketball game in the McLeod Center. Watch your mail for details; I hope to see you there. I am always interested in hearing from you!

Pat Beck
319 273-7438
toll free 866-207-9411

Note to Dancer, Shull and Noehren RAs: Connie Mullan, Dancer Secretary; Bobbi Smith, former Shull Secretary and Judy Dolan, former Noehren Secretary are retiring. If you would like to send them a note, I'll share addresses. They would really enjoy hearing from you.