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Lawther Hall


Lawther was constructed in 1933 with an addition in 1948. It has eight houses, named after wine regions in France. Lawther has 54 single rooms 450 women.

Typical Single Room Dimensions

Room dimensions: 11' x 15'4" x 8'6" H
Closet size: 3'2" D x 2'10" W
Other furnishings provided: Desks, dresser, sink, bed lofts

Typical Double Room Dimensions

Room dimensions: 8'8" x 15'4" x 8'6" H
Closet size: 3'5" D x 3'10" W
Other furnishings provided: Desk, dresser, sink, bed loft

The 0 that appears as the first digit of the room assignment is not used within the building.

Carpeted rooms in Lawther

Most rooms in Lawther are not carpeted, however the following rooms have been carpeted in the past few years:

25E, 12E, 45W, 109E, 111E, 128E, 125E, 139E, 142E, 150E, 105W, 204E, 211E, 240E, 251E, 244W

Elementary / Early Childhood Education Learning Community.  UNI's College of Education (COE) is known for having some of the most innovative teacher education programs in the country.  Students in this learning community can expect to see a focus on educational topics related to elementary and early childhood education.  First year students living in this community will be enrolled in at least one academic course with their housemates in Bordeaux house.

Female Houses

House Room numbers Feature
Richelieu 02W - 08W & 25E - 69E
Cordey 03E - 111E Springboard LLC
Galliano 11W - 46W
Bella 101W - 146W & 150E
Renault 125E - 148E & 154E - 169E
Catava 201W - 208W & 245E - 281E
Chablis 203E - 244E & 304E - 320E
Bordeaux 210W - 246W Education LLC

Lawther Hall is located south of Campbell Hall and 23rd Street and east of Schindler Education Center.

Regular Hours: 

Main entrance unlock hours: 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.
Hall office hours: 8:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m. from Monday - Friday
4:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday

(319) 273-2148

Lawther Hall Office
1300 W. 23rd St. - Room #
Cedar Falls, IA 50613-3080

Lawther Hall Features

Living Learning Communities


Kim Soumar Residence Life Coordinator
Janet MacTaggart Secretary