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What are the features of living in ROTH?

ROTH offers the following options for living:

  1. One bedroom apartment for 2 people – double bedroom
  2. Two bedroom apartment for 4 people (2 different layouts) – double bedrooms
  3. Three bedroom apartment for 6 people – double bedrooms
  4. Suites - 8 bedrooms, 4 bedrooms in each “wing” with a shared common space - Double or single bedrooms
  5. ALL utilities are included – no separate bills to manage.
  6. Computer lab with free printing
  7. Conference Room for meetings and studying
  8. Fitness room with treadmill, stair stepper, and other equipment
  9. Recreational Room with ping-pong, pool, darts, and lounge TV
  10. Laundry room – coins or ID card
  11. Outdoor sand volleyball court

What’s provided with the ROTH room contract?

  1. Your ROTH apartment or suite includes ALL services/utilities including electricity, Res Net (wired and wireless), cable television, water, garbage and recycling.
  2. All furniture is provided for the bedroom, dining area and living room for suites and apartments. Wall-mounted televisions are provided in the suites. The bedrooms have loftable beds and desks and built-in closets. Living room furniture in suites and apartments are furnished similarly to Panther Village.
  3. All appliances are provided: refrigerator, stovetop, oven and microwave. Suites have two refrigerators, two stoves and two microwaves.
  4. You will enjoy the safety and convenience of elevators, interior stairways and inside mailboxes.
  5. Safety and security are part of your ROTH package. Building access will be limited to residents and their guests. UNI Public Safety officers will respond to calls for assistance.
  6. Custodial and maintenance services are provided by the DOR staff. ROTH community spaces are cleaned each weekday.

What are the requirements to live in ROTH?

All of the requirements below must be met at the start of your new housing contract.

  1. You have completed a minimum of 30 academic credit hours.
  2. You have one year of college campus experience.
  3. You have a a minimum 2.0 GPA and are in good academic standing.
  4. You are in good standing behaviorally (not on probation).

Does the 2-Year Advantage include ROTH?

YES! Your 2-Year Advantage works for you in ROTH. Did you miss out on the 2-Year Advantage for your freshman year? You can select the 2-Year Advantage for your sophomore-junior year!

What is the difference between an apartment and a suite?

Apartments all have double bedrooms, Suites have a combination of both double or single bedrooms.

Can I lock my bedroom?

Yes. The key for your bedroom will also provide access to your mailbox. Residents living in a suite will receive an additional key for access to their suite's common area.

What if I’m only going to be here in the Fall?

If you are student teaching during spring semester, graduating in December, or doing an internship during spring semester and you will only need housing for fall semester you can still sign up to live in ROTH. You will not be assessed the 40% contract cancellation fee IF you are student teaching, graduating or doing an internship that will take you away from Cedar Falls.

Students who are requesting Fall Semester only will be placed in a suite and not an apartment. What if I will not be here in the Fall, but would like to live in ROTH when I return in the Spring? If you are a current student and plan to study abroad, participate in National Student Exchange, or something similar, you can complete a “Hold for return” contract so that you may move into ROTH for spring semester. See the ROTH office for more information.

May I bring my own furniture?

The Department of Residence provides all the furniture you will need, but if you’d like to add furniture to your bedroom or common room you may. You must remove your personal furniture when you check-out.

Do I have to have a meal plan?

Meal plans are optional for ROTH residents. Benefit from the flexibility of a meal plan that meets you needs while providing variety and convenience.

You may select from a number of meal plan options when you complete your ROTH contract. Meal plans can be added at any time. Meal plan options for Panther Village residents are on the Department of Residence website.

Which parking permits should I get?

Most ROTH residents have a B or C parking permit. The following permits MAY park in the ROTH parking lot as it is a C Parking Lot: B, CP, C, Questions and price estimates should be directed to Public Safety.

How do I get to campus?

There is a landscaped hard-surface sidewalk from ROTH to campus. It is about a 10-minute walk to Gilchrist, and about a 20-minute walk to the bookstore. There is a FREE shuttle that stops at ROTH every 30 minutes and runs on weekdays till 5 p.m. through the academic year.

Is there an RA?

There are four RAs in ROTH. Each RA aims to build community in a house of 30-85 residents. The RAs typically create and implement community building events, support and counsel residents, act as a resource, fulfill on-call responsibilities, work at the ROTH office, and take on many other responsibilities.

There will be a Residence Life Coordinator and a secretary who will support the community development and day-to-day management of ROTH.

What is the alcohol policy in ROTH?

Only residents who are of legal age (minimum 21 years old) are permitted to consume or possess alcohol.

If one or more of the residents of an apartment or suite are of legal age, alcohol is permitted in that apartment or suite. However, in order for the legal age resident to consume alcohol in any common room of the living space a roommate agreement must be discussed, completed, signed by all roommates, and on file with the RA and the Residence Life Coordinator prior to consuming alcohol in that common area.

Please see the Panther Planner for more information on the ROTH alcohol policy.

Can I live in ROTH during the summer and over breaks?

Summer – Residents are able to live in ROTH, through the completion of a ROTH summer contract (this includes additional fees above the 9-month academic year contract). Residents wishing to live in ROTH over the summer must have lived in ROTH during the previous Spring semester or the following Fall semester or both. While we attempt to allow students to stay in their same apartment/suite for the summer, that cannot be guaranteed.

Breaks – ROTH remains open during Thanksgiving break, winter break, and spring break. ROTH residents may stay by signing up at the ROTH office without an additional fee.