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Make summer housing plans at ROTH and Panther Village

Make summer housing plans at ROTH and Panther Village

The Department of Residence is now accepting summer housing contracts in ROTH and Panther Village.  Enrollment in summer school is not required.  Meal plans are optional and all utilities are included.  Continuous summer housing is available for students who have a fall semester contract in residence halls, ROTH and Panther Village. Others may live on campus May 10 – August 1.  There is a 15 percent discount for a full summer contract housing May 10 – August 1. The minimum stay is one week. 

“Access to Department of Residence facilities may enable a student to say yes to an opportunity to live and work in Cedar Falls over the summer,” said Glenn Gray, Assistant to the Vice President for Student Affairs and Executive Director of Residence.   “We no longer require enrollment in summer classes. We know many students need fulltime summer employment to earn money for the academic year expenses.”  He added, “This also elevates our level of service to current residents who may need continuous housing during the years they are attending UNI.”  

Student who are currently living off-campus are welcome to apply for summer housing on-campus and will enjoy the savings of having utilities and services such as cable television and Internet access included in the contract, Gray said.

Reserve summer housing at the Department of Residence website.

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