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Residence Halls Promotional Guidelines

Department of Residence 
Revised June 2011 

In addition to ads in the Northern Iowan, Facebook groups, etcetera, recognized student organizations and UNI departments outside the department of residence who wish to promote their activities to residence hall students have four primary options within the halls: 

Groups Outside the Department of Residence 

Location Solicitation

Greek On-Campus Recruiting Guidelines

University of Northern Iowa
 (adopted January 2011)
The following are guidelines that should be observed by Greek students when recruiting and RA staffs who encounter Greek students who are recruiting in UNI residence halls and ROTH Complex:
1.       Door-to-door visits that aren't preceded by invitations from the occupant/s are not allowed.

Good Grade Bulletin Boards

-  Put your grade on the refrigerator - a full size refrigerator was drawn and put on the wall.
-  Earn your way around the house. Cut out fish and if residents earn enough good grades to get around the entire house (fish on a chain basically), they earned a pizza party.
-  "Smarty pants" - jeans cut out and hung on a clothes line.
-  Smarties - residents could get candy every time they get a good grade and filled it out on a smarties look-alike (paper), which then went up on the giant candy bowl.

Academic Program Ideas

Outstanding Scholarship
Practice effective academic skills and attitudes
(Programs done by RAs)
Achievement Board
Target: Male residents
Description: A bulletin board was setup with slips of paper to post good grades. 
What Worked: There was motivation to recognize the achievements residents had made.


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