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Taking Minutes

Minutes serve as a record of what was DONE, not of ALL THAT WAS SAID, at a meeting.  You can evaluate whether minutes are good on the following criteria:
· Paragraphs are organized well, with clear agenda headings and subsequent topic headings.
· It is clear what action has taken place, who is committed to doing what tasks/assignments in the future, when those task/assignments are to be completed or updated, and what the process was that brought the decisions about.

Parliamentary Procedure

When running meetings, here are some of the rules, the language and order that can help them proceed in an orderly fashion. If the group uses this, it is important to review and practice it with all of them early, so every member feels informed and equipped to fully participate in meetings.

- President calls meeting to order (“this meeting will come to order”).
- Only those who get recognized by the chair may speak during a meeting which has “come to order.”

Organizing a Program

A Process That Can Help: APPPE 

The APPPE process is a quick and simple look at how to organize a successful programs. 
Assess   Purpose  Plan   Promote   Evaluate

ASSESS! -To help you know what your residents want and need and to find out what resources are available, here are some possibilities:
¨ Use a survey. 
¨ Inquire about how life is going.  Ask about their dreams, frustrations and interests.

Funding Sources

Residence Activity Fee

A student activity fee of $6 per semester is included in residence hall room and meal contracts. Of that amount $1 goes to a group of system-wide organizations: The Residence Leadership Council; the UNI chapter of the National Residence Hall Honorary; delegations to the annual conferences of the National Association of College and University Residence Halls and Midwest Affiliate of College and University Residence Halls; and the Programming Board. The rest goes to each hall’s senate, as their Social Programming Account.

Budgets and Goals

Setting Goals and a Budget 

The following is a suggested process for hall senates to use at the beginning of a semester, as it is setting goals and deciding how much money to set aside to meet those goals.  It is designed for organization leaders to facilitate.  The total amount of time will vary with the size of the group.  But, the entire process should be possible to accomplish in two hours.

Facilitator’s Preparation


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