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Work in Dining


Are you interested in a convenient, on-campus job? Apply today for a job in one of our two dining centers, Piazza or Rialto, or in our bakery, Fresh Beginnings!


In Dining Services, sustainability is of great importance to us.  We want to make sure we are being good stewards of our environment.  We work year round to assist the university in reducing waste, recycling, and conservation. 
In fact, in both 2012 and 2013, UNI Dining services was the recipient for the CARE award, which stands for Creating a Responsible Environment.

Some aspects of our sustainability program include:

You Count Survey

This survey is for UNI residents/customers who are 18 or older.  Results of this research are used by the UNI Department of Residence to evaluate services and prioritize use of resources. Participation is voluntary and may be discontinued at any time. Responses are confidential. For more information, contact Pat Beck, Assistant Director of Residence/Marketing, 273-7438, You may print a copy of this page for your future reference. 

Special Dietary Needs

UNI Dining Services is happy to assist you in avoiding certain allergens or with other special dietary assistance. A note from your medical provider will be required to do so.

Please ask a manager of the residential restaurant you eat in for assistance with your allergies or any other special dietary needs. If you would like to set up an appointment with the Dining Services Dietitian at UNI Dining Services, please call (319) 273-6937 or email


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