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Smooth Move

Community Standards


For security, legal and social reasons, there are time-proven community standards for you and your guests (for whom you are responsible). Violations of these standards can result in disciplinary action and forfeiture of your housing assignment.

Room Basics

You are encouraged to personalize your room in ways that satisfy you and your roommate and comply with maintenance and safety standards. It is usually best to wait until you arrive before buying all the things you may want to use. Ideas about room designs and sources of materials, posters, etc. are easy to get from other residents and local stores. As you envision how you want your new space to be, here are some things to keep in mind:

Before You Move

The move to campus will be a busy time! Consider taking care of the following items prior to move-in day:

Emergency Contact Information

Complete the Emergency Contact Information Form. Bring this completed form to check-in at your hall. The information you provide will be retained in the residence hall for emergencies. It is your responsibility to update the contact information if it changes.

Smooth Move

Your Guide to Moving On Campus!
Make your move to campus a smooth one. View the information in the links to the left or below to help guide you on your start to living on campus.

Find out when to expect your assignment letter in the mail, where to view room layouts, how and when to contact your new roommate and applying for special accommodations.


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