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Meal Plan Definitions

Dining Dollars

Dining Dollars are pre-paid spending dollars that may be used for food, beverages or additional meal purchases in the dining centers (Piazza and Rialto) and retail operations (Biscotti’s, 23rd Street Market, Essentials, Prexy’s, Chats, Book Bistro, Apple Cart and Crunch Break). Additional Dining Dollars can be purchased anytime online and may be charged to students' U-Bill. Dining Dollars are accessed with your university ID card.


Online Room Recontracting

Students currently living in the residence halls for Spring 2015, will be able to complete the process for 2015-2016 recontracting.

There are three steps to complete your contract to return to the residence halls next year.

  • Step 1: Create your Panther Profile
  • Step 2: Request Roommates
  • Step 3: Choose and assign yourself to a room space.

Creating your Panther Profile

You may begin creating your Lifestyle Profile on January 2015.

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