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Table Tent Policy


Guidelines for Distribution in UNI Dining Centers


Recognized student organizations and University offices/departments may display table tents in both of the dining centers on campus. Exercise of this privilege requires adherence to specific guidelines. Failure to follow the guidelines will result in forfeiture of the privilege.

Limit: One Tent for Two Weekdays or for Three Weekend Days

No more than one tent per table will be allowed during any of the publicity periods. Department of Residence (DOR) will reserve the right to post an additional department-specific table tent so that up to two table tents may be posted during each publicity period on each table. These periods go from 2 PM to 2 PM on the following days: Monday-Wednesday (two days), Wednesday – Friday (two days) and Friday – Monday (three days). Therefore, it is imperative that reservations be made to ensure availability.

Steps to follow:

  1. Contact the receptionist in the Department of Residence (Redeker Center 273-2333) or email the Assistant Director of Residence for Marketing at to reserve dates for one of the following time periods:
    • Monday 2 PM to Wednesday 2 PM
    • Wednesday 2 PM to Friday 2 PM
    • Friday 2 PM to Monday 2 PM
  2. At least 3 days before the reservation date, an electronic version of your table tent must be submitted to Annie Karr for approval at
  3. Create table tents according to the following criteria:
    • Max quantity 130 for Rialto and 175 for Piazza (you may print and post less if desired).
    • Print on recycled paper, 80# weight (strongly recommended, it holds up better).
    • Not to exceed half of an 8 1/2” x 11” sheet of paper.
    • The primary focus must be on the message or event of the sponsoring UNI group.
    • May not advertise goods or services that compete with those provided by the University.
    • No more than 1/3 of the flyer may contain information referencing off-campus sponsors.
    • Not to include racist, sexist or libelous words or pictures.
    • Not to promote the consumption of alcoholic beverages or events at local bars and restaurants.
    • Includes name of sponsoring NISG recognized organization or UNI office/department.
    • Attractive layout and composition
    • Must come folded and either taped or stapled so it easily stays upright on the table.
  4. Take the appropriate number of DOR-approved table tents to each dining center between 2 PM and 4 PM on the scheduled Monday, Wednesday or Friday. You must check in with a manager before placing table tents on tables.
  5. The group is responsible for placing the table tents on the tables and has access to tables seating 4 or more people. Small tables and counter areas will not be used for table tent display. DOR reserves the right to use small tables and counter areas for their own department-specific table tent.
  6. Table tents will be removed from tables by the dining center staff on the appropriate date. If table tents become torn or smudged before the reserved time is up, they will be removed from the table.

Table Tent Template
Please download the Table Tent template provided for the correct margins and measurements. Make sure to use the template file each time. Do not save over previous work.