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University Honors Program

Peer Program

The Honors Peer Program was created to assist incoming freshman through their first semester at the University of Northern Iowa by providing a community of peers and dedicated leaders committed to their academic and social success.

Program Goals:

  • To welcome and acquaint freshman with the UNI Honors Program and what it has to offer.

  • To make strong connections (in the first six weeks of classes) between members of the group and to establish role models around whom the students will feel comfortable.

  • To provide an opportunity for discussion, mentoring, and general questions about college life.

  • To have fun!                               

Meet Your 2015 Peer Leaders!

Jenna Anderson

Ashley Armantrout

Kate Banwarth

Taylor Fox

Miranda Frederick

Sarah Freeland

Jessica Donnelly

Sarah Gorzney

Michelle Temeyer

Ali Henkle

Sarah Hofmeyer

Anna Kelly

Jacquelyn Knutstrom

Alexis McGinley

John Danker

Katelyn Melcher

Christopher Merck

Jessica Berkshire

Joshua Schriever

Tori Settani

Rebecca Holzrichter


"It was really great to meet people who share my major and are in the honors program. After meeting them in group, I realized that a few of them are actually in a couple classes with me. It definit ely created friendships that may not have occurred otherwise and I believe that these friendships will last through my years here."   

-- First year honors student survey