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Human Resource Services

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Professional and Scientific

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About Professional and Scientific Staff

University P&S position assignments are designed to aid in the attainment of goals and objectives established in accordance with the mission of the institution. To this end, P&S personnel assist in the formulation and administration of institutional policies and aid in the execution of academic, student and administrative services as required with University operations. P&S personnel serve in both staff and line positions to provide advisory and consultant services, direct a wide range of activities within functional departments and render general assistance with planning, scheduling, and coordination of programs offered by the University.

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University personnel serving in P&S positions have, in most instances, received training in a specialized area and hold appropriate academic degree(s) or possess equivalent experience. Such personnel are also certified or registered, as required, with the profession and/or position assignment.

Criteria applicable with U.S. Department of Labor regulations relative to exemption under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA) are used by the University in establishing and designating positions as P&S. Typically P&S positions are exempt from receiving overtime pay as provided under the FLSA, but each position is evaluated individually pursuant to the FLSA.

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Employee Overview of Benefits

  • Employees whose employment effective date commences before 01-JUL-2011

New Employees Overview of Benefits

  • New employees whose employment effective date commences after 30-JUN-2011

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