University of Northern Iowa

Market Development Cooperator

Program: Market Development Cooperator Program

Agency: U.S. Department of Commerce

Next Deadline: February 28, 2014

(Tentative) Seeks to develop or expand foreign markets for non-agricultural goods and services produced in the U.S. and serves to: challenge the private sector to think strategically about foreign markets; spur private-sector innovation and investment in exporting; and increase the number of U.S. companies, particularly small and medium-size enterprises, taking decisive export actions. IHEs are generally not eligible. However, organizations housed within IHEs for administrative, financial, legal, or logistical reasons may be eligible. FOA expected in January. See for details when available.   Email:

CFDA Number: 11.112


Brad HessInternational Trade Administration

14th & Constitution Ave.,

Room 3215

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