Living On Campus

UNI offers eight residence halls. Each building has common bathrooms, hallways, kitchens,  lounges and laundry facilities. Every room includes a bed, mattress and mattress pad, desk,  and chair for each person. Each room also has a wastebasket, closets and drawers, cable, internet, and utilities. The residence halls are conveniently located and provide access to major campus buildings in less than a 10-minute walk. Below is a comparative chart with services each residence hall offers.

Residence Hall Comparision Data

  • All halls are smoke-free
  • Students have access to internet connections in each residence hall room, dining centers and computer labs. For further details about ResNet visit:
  • All halls remain open during Thanksgiving and Spring Break
  • Bender, Dancer, Noehren, Shull and Panther Village remain open between Fall and Spring semesters

For more information about each traditional residence hall, as well as a virtual tour of the rooms and room layouts, please visit:

Immediately after your admission, please complete and submit your housing contract at:

Meal plan rates can be seen in the following link:

If you have any questions about housing, please contact the Department of Residence at or visit

Students with sophomore or above standing have a few additional housing options; these allow students to have the benefits of living on campus with increased independence, privacy and responsibility.


Roth provides UNI students the benefit of living with friends in two, four, and six-person apartments and eight-bedroom suites. The rooms are fully furnished and include a kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedrooms.

For further information on ROTH, please visit:

Panther Village

Panther Village Phase I and II is the home of 450 students in single bedrooms in apartments for one, tow and four students. The complex includes a two-story lounge; meeting, recreation and study spaces; and outdoor patio. Panther Village meets students' needs for housing, social and academic support on many levels. 

For further information on Panther Village,  please visit:

Shull Hall

Located near the center of campus and connected to a dining center, Shull Hall offers double rooms to upperclass students. Some single rooms may be available. All utilities and meal plans are included.

For online contracting for ROTH, Panther Village or Shull:

Jennings Courts and Hillside Courts are the university apartments available for married students with or without children,  single parents, domestic partners, graduate and non-traditional students (23+). One-bedroom and two-bedroom  apartments are available with and without air conditioning. Most of the apartments are uncarpeted and unfurnished. Price  rates vary according to the apartment set-up.

For apartment details visit:

For pricing rates, visit the following link:

Cedar Falls and Waterloo have many apartment,  condo and townhouse options for those who prefer  to live off-campus. Students interested in living  off campus are responsible for arranging their  housing.

For more information about off-campus housing  options, visit:

Listings on the Northern Iowa Student Government’s  website:

In the local newspaper online at:

In the Craigslist at:

In the Apartment List web site: