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Student Involvement Center

CAB- Committees

CAB Committee Publicity:

The Publicity committee is responsible for developing marketing campaigns for all committees of CAB.

CAB Committee Spotlight:

The Spotlight committee is to provide monthly large scale events.

CAB Committee Film:

The Film Committee organizes movie showings for the UNI study body. Focus on getting movies that have recently left theatres, but are not on video.

CAB Committee Speakers:

The Speakers Committee bring speakers that are of interest of student groups for the UNI student body.

CAB Committee Entertainment:

The Entertainment committee provides recreational events and entertainment on a smaller scale.

CAB Committee Homecoming:

The Homecoming committee plans, organizes and is responsible for Homecoming and Spring Events week with the help of their committee board.

CAB Committee Concert:

Brings live musical artists to campus that are of interest to the UNI student Body.