Contact Information
Emilio Sanchez
IFC VP of Chapter Development

Mike Bobeldyk
Interfraternity Advisor
(319) 273-5888

Student Involvement Center
(319) 273-2683


Fraternity Recruitment
August 25-September 5

Check out Fraternity Recruitment 2014 Fraternity Recruitment is August 25-September 5. In this period IFC will be coordinating House Tours as well as a Meet and Greet where interested men can meet all the chapters on campus. After that chapters will be throwing individual events open to any interested men that would like to check out Fraternity Life. If you have any questions please email us at Check us out on: Facebook Twitter UNI Fraternity & Sorority Life, as well as UNI Fraternity Life

Why consider Fraternity Life?

Benefits of Fraternity Life Scholarship -
High overall GPA - Study tables/hours programs - Scholarship opportunities - Academic support system

Leadership -
Many Fraternity men are leaders in other student orgs - 5 of last 7 NISG Presidents were Fraternity men - CATS, SAA, RHA, Hall Senates all have Fraternity presence and/or leaders

- Family on campus - Networking opportunities - Immediately have social support - Brothers for life (Lifetime member) - Support of national organization and alumni

Service - Over 4,000 hours volunteered - Over $25,000 raised - Each chapter hosts annual philanthropy - Every member participates in other chapter/ campus philanthropies in large numbers

Fraternity Stats at a Glance
  • Total Undergraduate Fraternity Membership: 325,530*
  • Number of Men Initiated in 2011-2012: 84,954*
  • Community Service Hours: 2.8 million hours*
  • Philanthropic Dollars Raised: $21.1 million*
  • All-Fraternity GPA: 2.936 versus All-Male GPA: 2.905^
  • Greeks in 113th US Congress: 39 Senators (39%), 106 Congressmen (24%)
  • 50% of the Top 10 Fortune 500 CEOs are fraternity men; 15% of Fortune 100 CEOs are Greek
  • 44% of all US Presidents have been fraternity alumni
  • 31% of all US Supreme Court Justices have been fraternity alumni

**Compiled from Member Fraternities in the NIC Standards Compliance Report for the 2011-12 Academic Year