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Student Involvement Center

About Us


Our vision is to enhance the college experience. 


Our mission is to develop, engage and educate involved students through a supportive environment. 


The Student Involvement Center is your hub for engaging in co-curricular activities at the University of Northern Iowa. Being involved is one of the more important aspects of your college education. It enables you to mature personally, socially, intellectually, and spiritually. Involvement enhances your opportunities for career development exposing you to various skills, which will assist you upon graduation to find gainful employment. Giving your time and talents to an organization will not only help that group, it will make your college experience a valuable and enjoyable one.

A major concern of new students is how to meet people and make friends. No one can relate all students so we attempt to find smaller groups. These groups can be student organizations, residence hall governments, or community service units.  Students who become involved in campus groups and organizations are more likely to continue through graduation. The reason is that they develop ties and friendships, which help them “anchor” into the campus. This acts as a source of support during the difficult moments in a student’s college career.  Through involvement, you are likely to meet more people who share similar interests (i.e. drama), abilities (i.e. tutoring math), or ideals (i.e. to advocate for the poor). They can serve as reinforcement of your interests and ideology, which often leads to personal satisfaction and a greater sense of purpose.

Through involvement, you will not only acquire skills and values which will enhance your growth and development, but also enable you to fulfill your civic and social responsibilities in the future. These skills and values include: problem solving, interpersonal skills, organization, responsibility, service orientation, and participating attitudes.

Student Involvement Center is comprised of:
Northern Iowa Student Government
Campus Activities Board
Fraternity & Sorority Life
Service & Leadership Council
Eight cubicle spaces for student organizations
Centralized mail center for student organizations
Student Organization Resource Room
LGBT* Center
Military & Veteran Student Services Center

The staff of the Student Involvement Center directly advise:
Campus Activities Board (Entertainment, Spotlight, Homecoming, Speakers, Film, Concerts, Publicity)
Fraternity & Sorority Life (Panhellenic  Council, Interfraternity Council, Greek Week, Order of Omega)
Service & Leadership Council (Days of Service, Leadership Development, Stop & Serve, Volunteer Tuesdays, Public Relations)

The staff of the Student Involvement Center support:
Northern Iowa Student Government
250+ student organizations