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Team Challenge

Team Challenge

You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation. - Plato

What is Team Challenge?
Team Challenge is based in experiential learning which provides a multi-sensory engagement that provides an opportunity for education at all levels of learning. Team Challenge is a great way to bring new members into the fold, strengthen the bonds of current group members, create shared experiences for group members, provide memorable and fun experiences, or focus on specific areas of growth for individuals or the group as a whole.

Who can benefit from Team Challenge?
The program is designed to facilitate safe, fun activities to groups, classes, organizations or departments. Each program is tailored to fit your group's specific needs.

What will I gain from Team Challenge?
The activities promote teamwork, communication, leadership, trust, sensitivity, diversity, conflict management, critical thinking, problem solving, public speaking, listening, observing, collaboration, networking, taking appropriate risks, challenging oneself and having fun!!!

Each Team Challenge is planned and facilitated by a trained student or professional staff member. If you are interested in Facilitator Training, contact Steffoni Schmidt.

Trained Facilitators will:

  • Create an environment for “learnable moments.”
  • Help show how people respond in an environment that challenges them.
  • Identify opportunities for participants to engage their senses in learning by utilizing activities that combine sensory and motor skills.
  • Always encourage participation.

We offer "Challenge by Choice" for all activities, which means participants choose the level of their own challenge.