Educational Technology (ITS-ET)

The Educational Technology (ITS-ET) staff support the use of technology in teaching and learning.   ET works with departments in designing and equipping multimedia classrooms and provides instruction on the use of educational technology equipment.  ET Video/Audio Services supports program design and production from either a studio or on-site location.  ITS-ET engineers and maintains the campus cable TV system and programs educational access channels for the cities of Cedar Falls and Waterloo, Iowa. 

The Instructional Design and Technology Coordinators provide a number of specialized seminars and institutes for faculty professional development.  One-on-one consulting is available and self-paced learning is offered via  A variety of technology teaching tools are available for use.

The ITS-ET Production House is a multimedia production facility that is open to faculty, staff, and students. The Production House can create a media project for you or you can use our self-service facility and do it yourself. 

The ITS-ET Studios for Innovative Teaching are three flexible, interactive technology classrooms equipped with a variety of multimedia technologies.  These rooms host a variety of workshops and seminars, and are available for faculty use for experimenting with one-to-one computing and multimedia instruction.

The University's learning management system and various e-learning components are supported by the ITS-ET staff.  ITS-ET also supports the Iowa Educational Technology and Training Institute (IETTI), which reaches out to support various PK-12 needs in the state of Iowa.