Programming Authorization Request (PAR)

Administrative Systems Support is provided by the Information Systems Unit of ITS. The Information Systems Unit is responsible for the design, development, implementation, and management of the administrative information systems (both central and distributed) at the university. These information systems support the Administration and Finance, Student Services, Institutional Research and Alumni Relations and Development functions of the university.

All requests for services must be made on a Programming Authorization Request (PAR) form. Submit a PAR using the online form.

Team leaders will estimate the amount of time required to complete the request and will act on it accordingly. As a general rule, if the request will take less than two weeks to complete then the team leader will assign the work to a team member to be completed as time permits. If the request will take two weeks or more to complete then the project must go through a formal prioritization process along with other project requests received from the division and/or entire university. The online PAR system allows you to track the progress of your request, upload documents supporting the project, and sign-off when development has been completed.