Office Building Groups

The UNI Physical Plant owns mailing lists that are organized by office building.  They were created to aid that office in notifying building occupants when planned service outages (heat, water, power, etc.) were scheduled.  These lists are not restricted to use by only the Physical Plant, but that office should be consulted first by others wishing to use them.

The list names are all of the form:   PHP-XXX, where XXX is the standard mnemonic for the building (as found on the first page of the University Phonebook).

BuildingList Name
Baker HallPHP-BAK
Bartlett HallPHP-BAR
Bender HallPHP-BEN
Biology Research CenterPHP-BRC
Business & Community ServicesPHP-BCS
Campbell HallPHP-CAM
Center for Energy and Environmental EducationPHP-CEE
Center for Social and Behavioral ResearchPHP-SBR
Communication Arts CenterPHP-CAC
Conferences and Visitor ServicesPHP-H26
Curris Business BuildingPHP-CBB
Dancer HallPHP-DAN
East BartlettPHP-EBA
Facilities PlanningPHP-FPL
Gallagher-Bluedorn Performing Arts CenterPHP-PAC
Gilchrist HallPHP-GIL
Hagemann HallPHP-HAG
Hillside CourtsPHP-HSC
Honors HousePHP-EMC
House #2PHP-H-2
House #15PHP-H15
House #26PHP-H26
House #32PHP-H32
House #33PHP-H33
Human Performance CenterPHP-HPC
Industrial Technology CenterPHP-ITC
Innovative Teaching Technology CenterPHP-ITT
Iowa Waste Reduction CenterPHP-IWR
Kamerick Art BuildingPHP-KAB
Lang HallPHP-LNG
Latham HallPHP-LAT
Lawther HallPHP-LAW
Maucker UnionPHP-MAU
McCollum Science HallPHP-MSH
McLeod CenterPHP-MCL
Noehren HallPHP-NRN
Panther VillagePHP-PVL
Physical PlantPHP-PHP
Physics BuildingPHP-PHY
Power PlantPHP-PPL
President's HousePHP-PRH
Redeker CenterPHP-RDC
Residence On The HillPHP-RTH
Rider HallPHP-RID
Rod LibraryPHP-LIB
Russell HallPHP-RSL
Sabin HallPHP-SAB
Schindler Education CenterPHP-SEC
Seerley HallPHP-SRL
Shull HallPHP-SHU
Strayer-Wood TheatrePHP-SWT
Student Health CenterPHP-SHC
Tallgrass Prairie CenterPHP-NRV
Towers CenterPHP-TOW
UNI Center for Urban EducationPHP-DPT
University MuseumPHP-MUS
Wellness Recreation CenterPHP-WRC
Wright HallPHP-WRT