Position Classification Groups

If you wish to send a message to a targetted subset of the groups listed in the left-hand column, you should create your message exactly as you wish it to be sent, and address it to the corresponding list name(s) from the right-hand column (all are "@uni.edu").  Do not include an explanatory paragraph for the reviewer.  The postmaster will then review your email before it is delivered to the intended audience.


It should be noted that HRS-PS-Admin and HRS-PS-Voters are disjoint subsets (no overlap) of HRS-PS-All, but that there are people in HRS-PS-All that are neither voting members nor administrators.  The other lists have no intended overlap, and in conjunction with HRS-PS-All, include all UNI faculty/staff with e-mail addresses. 


The following table provides a brief description of the available lists:



Description List Name
Institutional Officials 
Cabinet Members, Library and College Deans, and Appointed Officials
Academic Administrators 
Academic Department Heads, Assistant Deans, Assisant and  Associate Vice Presidents,  LibraryAdministrators, Directors of Academic Centers
Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty 
United Faculty with tenure or tenure track appointment
Non-Tenure/Tenure Track Faculty 
United Faculty with temporary or term appointment
Non-Unit Faculty 
Faculty not covered by collective bargaining - 
lab assistants, adjunct instructors < 50% time
Graduate Assistants 
Graduate Assistants funded by department or Graduate College
P&S All 
All Professional & Scientific Staff 
P&S Administrators (subset of P&S All)
Annual appointment,  generally non-academic Department Heads
Do not use if also using HRS-PS-All
P&S Voting Members (subset of P&S All)
Excludes Temporary and Annual Appointments 
P&S staff eligible to vote for P&S representation
Do not use if also using HRS-PS-All
Merit Technical 
Systems Control, Electronics Technicians and others
Merit Clerical 
Secretaries, Clerk Typists, Clerks and others
Merit Security 
Public Safety Dispatchers and Officers
Merit Blue Collar 
Skilled Crafts, Cooks, Custodians, and others
Merit Non-Organized Supervisors 
Clerk IV, Library Assistant IV, Office Coordinators, Secretary IV, and Supervisors in Food Service, Power Plant, Custodial and Public Safety
Merit Non-Organized Confidential 
Clerical staff in Human Resource Services and Compliance/Equity Management