Services & Solutions

Information Technology Services provides a wide variety of services to the UNI community.

Account Administration and Access Services

To gain access to enterprise applications an authorization request form must be completed and the appropriate signatures acquired.

Application Development and Support

We provide traditional analysis, design, programming, and testing for enterprise applications spanning a variety of platforms and technologies.

Application Implementation and Integration

We provide implementation and integration support for enterprise level vended applications.  This includes centrally supported PeopleSoft (Campus Solutions, CRM, Portal and Student Data Warehouse modules), Oracle E-Business Applications, Hyland OnBase document imaging system and Accruent Facilities and Maintenance Management along with various other applications.

Audio and Video Production

Audio Production Services records, mixes, edits, and copies sound materials either in a studio or on-location. We also assist in the selection of music and sound effects as well as in the hiring of narrators. Video Production Services records and edits video materials in a studio or on-location and provides titling, special effects, and digital file compression.

Database Hosting and Administration

Databases are used to store nearly all of the university's computerized data. The university primarily utilizes the Oracle database engine to meet these needs. Microsoft's SQL Server database is utilized for applications not supporting the Oracle database.  

A database is an engine that stores, processes, and secures data for the university. Databases support high volume access with quick response. The university's database environment has been architected to be highly available and quickly recoverable in the event of a disaster.

Digital Signage

A digital signage solution is available for use.  Digital signage can be created and displayed throughout campus as well as on our campus cable TV system.

Document Imaging Services and Support

We provide services to automate back-office functions by managing incoming documents, digitizing, indexing, and routing their information to electronic document management and storage services.

Educational Technology

Please right click and "Save as..." the attachment to download an overview of ITS Educational Technology Services.


UNI eLearning is UNI's centrally supported Learning Management System (LMS). Our current version of LMS is: Blackboard Learn 9.1 (Bb Learn).

For additional information about UNI eLearning System, support materials, and related eLearning technologies, please visit:


All students, faculty, and staff are provided with an email account hosted by Google Apps for Education.  University communications will be sent to your UNI email address so it is important that it is checked often.

For email support articles:

Email Mailing Lists

Centralized email lists at UNI are provided by Google Groups.  These groups are kept up to date by an automated process.

Enterprise Application Consulting

We provide application consulting service for product selection, architecture, integration, project management....includes participating in RFP creation and evaluations.


ITS-Educational Technology, in cooperation with UNI's Office of Academic Assessment, provides consulting/design services to program teams in developing a portfolio framework using ifolio, UNI's eportfolio system. UNI's ifolio portfolio project concentrates on programmatic assessment.

Financial Information Systems

The Financial Information Systems provided at the University of Northern Iowa are based on the Oracle eBusiness Suite Applications.

Forms Repository

The forms repository is a central listing of many of the forms used on campus. Everything from applications for admission to employee performance review forms are listed alphabetically with contact information for questions.

Graphic Design

The Production House provides a diverse selection of production services ranging from digital graphics for your eletronic publication to video projects.

Institutional Reporting and Decision Support

We provide support for the development of routine transaction based reporting
that needs to occur to support the general business operations. 

We also support the development of one-time non-scheduled reporting requirements
required to support both internal and external departments and agencies.

Media Distribution

We distribute media over cable and other TV systems on campus and in Cedar Falls, perform audio and video editing, copying, and TV standards conversion, satellite downlink to receive programs and conferences, and assist with purchase of media equipment & audio/video tapes.

Multimedia Conferencing

Multimedia video conferencing includes the use of tools such as cameras, computers, and the internet in order to connect to and interact with people all over the world. Please contact for any questions regarding Adobe Connect, Polycom, Google Hangouts and Zoom.

Multimedia Engineering

The Multimedia Engineering department of Educational Technology designs and equips multimedia classrooms, consults with departments on equipment for classrooms, provides instruction on the use of educational technology equipment in the classroom, and engineers and maintains the campus cable TV system.


MyUNIverse is a personalized Web portal that UNI students, faculty, and staff use to access and update their personal records. This includes registration, billing and financial aid, academic progress report (degree audit), and much more. Login to MyUNIverse with your CatID to view your personal records and access administrative systems.

Network Engineering

Network Engineering is a service of the Computer Network Systems group in ITS Network Services. Service includes design and operation of UNI networking including wired, wireless, wide area networking, remote access vpn, rdp, network authentication, firewalls and traffic management for all buildings and network systems on campus. 

Online Voting and Surveys

The university provides a free service for polling students, faculty, and staff and for conducting elections of various types. The program was written in-house and is maintained by the Data Access Team.


The ITS Security Office is responsible for monitoring network/system security events and initiating appropriate action to protect University data and resources.  This group also works with distributed IT staff by providing  assistance and information to all members of the UNI community seeking assistance in making computing more secure.

Server Virtualization

ITS is now offering a range of "virtual" servers to Colleges, Divisions, and Departments that do not want the overhead of maintaining servers on the campus network.   In the right setting "virtual" servers can save: acquistion costs, power consumption,  staff time and cooling.  This is a technology that has rapidly transformed information technology.

Software and Hardware Purchasing

The university maintains several agreements for computer hardware and software purchases.  Some agreements provide for university students, faculty and staff to purchase at a discount for personal use.


A variety of ITS-related statistics including network usage and utilization graphs, student computer center usage, and computer consulting center statistics.


The ITS-ET Production House offers different options for streaming services from Real Media to Adobe Connect. Please contact us for details.

Tape Backup Services

ITS Network Services offers a tape backup up service to Division, Colleges and Departments that wish to have their critical resources backup up to tape on a nightly basis.  Retention of this data varies based upon need. 

Technology and Training

The Technology 'n' Training division of ITS-Educational Technology provides free computer workshops for the UNI community as well as other faculty support services.

Technology Teaching Tools

These tools allow you to interact with your students outside of the classroom and office hours. You can record your lecture live for students to review at their convenience with either the Accordant Capture Stations or with Panopto. Online office hours are now a possibility with Adobe Connect. Click on the links below to find out more about each product.

Voice Services

The mission of the UNI Voice Services is to provide quality telecommunications services in a cost-effective manner, and to research and implement new technologies which complement the ongoing primary functions of the university.

Web Authoring

Web authoring is provided by University Relations, located in East Bartlett. They are the campus source for Drupal website development.

Web Hosting

Web Hosting is provided by ITS-Network Services. The UNI web cluster supports content management systems such as Drupal and Wordpress. Users can request empty webspace or a Drupal install by filling out this form and sending it to the Computer Consulting Center in ITTC.

Windows Network Systems

Windows Infrastruture systems services, etc.