New Student Usernames (Email Addresses)

Reading the documentation should help, remember that although we have standardized on the Username for the various systems (CatID for MyUNIverse and Email, Active Directory [authorization for using wireless and the SCCs], eBusiness, etc.) these systems are separate and the passphrase is synchronize so you just have one passphrase value to remember. Initially students enter MyUNIverse via their Username and their default passphrase.

For information about the CatID (including new user initial passphrase), Click HERE.

If you are accessing email or MyUNIverse as a new user, your initial passphrase is in one of two formats.  Try either of these formats:

  1.  the format mmdd$nnnnnn (mm is the first 2 letters of your birth month, dd is the 2 digit number of your birth day, and nnnnnn is your 6 digits university ID#, example: ja01$123456)

  2. or (if your ID# is in either of these ranges 496919-500000 or 672887-700000 try this format)

  3. the format panthersxxxmmmdd  (xxx is the last three (3) digits of your University ID#,  mmm is the first three letters of your birth month, and dd is the 2 digit number of your birth day).  example: panthers456nov23 (all lower case)
  4. Changing Username (self-selected within MyUNIverse) is not activated until the next day following selection, therefore, continue to use the original until the next day. Also, avoid using your old Username that evening from 11 p.m. through 4 a.m. To lookup your student Username (this is the portion of your email address before - Click HERE
  5. Although active the following day, some directory lookups may not display the new Username until days later after updates are made throughout the various systems.
  6. Your New Username Email CatID passphrase is retained through the username change process.

*NOTE* - Your MyUNIverse account and your Email account are separate accounts but both use the CatID.

If you are having problems getting into MyUNIverse, review the Authentication FAQ.

*NOTE* - If you select a new Username after orientation, you must continue to use your computer-assigned Username until the next day.

 Advice, choose your Username professionally, remembering that the Username (e-mail address) will likely be sent to family members, friends, prospective employers, etc. Because Usernames must conform to the most stringent limitations of all systems in use at UNI, the following will govern the format of selections:

  1. The length must be no greater than 8 characters.
  2. The first character must be a lowercase letter and all other characters must be lowercase letters or numbers. Although some systems may translate Usernames to uppercase, it should always be entered in lowercase. Punctuation marks, spaces, and other special characters / symbols may not be used.
  3. The Username must not conflict with any current or past Username.

Additional Information:

ITS has begun the migration to a consistent Username/CatID for student access to most computer systems on campus. Students can take advantage of the opportunity to modify their assigned Username to one of their own choosing.

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