Encode a video into Real for the streaming server

This tutorial will walk you through the steps to take a DVD and create a Real media stream file using hardware and software in the Production House. If you have RealProducer Plus 11 installed on your computer, these instructions are still useful, but you will not be able to save your files to the selfserve server.

Note: Please make sure you have the permission of the copyright holder of all media you wish to encode and stream.

  1. Put DVD in computer
  2. Go to My Computer, right click the DVD drive and select "Open" or "Explore"
  3. Create a folder in selfserve for the client inside the {Production House} folder
  4. Copy the Video_TS folder in the DVD (from step 2) to the folder created in step 3
  5. Open Sony Vegas. Go to File>Import and select all the IFO files except the VIDEO_TS.IFO. This is extremely important; do not select the VOB or other files, only the IFO files!
  6. Edit your video as needed. Render out the video to AVI format (NTSC) to the selfserve folder you created in step 3
  7. When the file is done rendering, open RealProducer Plus 11
  8. Import the AVI file you just created in the Input box by clicking browse and selecting the file
  9. Click the "Audiences" button on the right-hand side (output). Make sure you resize the video to 360 X 240. Have the following selections made for Audience Selections-56k, 150k, 256k, 512k. You can then close the pop up box
  10. Make sure the job is selected in the job queue and then select "Encode" on the lower right side
  11. Ask Rick Seeley, Keith Kennedy or Brandon Neil about the content server access to upload the newly crated .rm file (it will be saved to the same location as your AVI file)
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