Instructions for Adding a Google Calendar Tab to Thunderbird

***NOTE** - This adds a convenient Calendar Tab to but does not provide All Calendar Functions just the most common ones.  For full calendar you will still need to use the full Google Calendar App.

  1. Open Thunderbird
  2. Click on Help  / About Thunderbird – MUST be current version (12.0.1 or higher)
  3. Go back to main Thunderbird screen
  4. Click Tools / Add-ons
  5. Macintosh users skip to Step 10
  6. Click Lightening – Add to Thunderbird
  7. Install Now
  8. Restart Now (button in top right)
  9. Minimize the Thunderbird screen when it opens
  10. Open a browser (IE, Safari, Firefox, etc.)
  11. Do a Search for this text:  “Google Calendar Tab”
  12. Click Download Now
  13. Save File (make note of where it is saved, most likely the Downloads folder)
  14. Close the browser
  15. Go back to Thunderbird Add-ons page
  16. Click on the Gear cog.
  17. Select Install Add-ons from file
  18. Go to folder where you downloaded the add-on file
  19. Select the downloaded file for the Google Calendar Tab
  20. Click Install Now
  21. Select Restart (button in top right)
  22. Right-mouse-click on open area of the Menu Toolbar (somewhere in the gray area)
  23. Click Customize.
  24. Click and drag the calendar icon to the Thunderbird Toolbar
  25. Click on the Google Calendar Tab icon
  26. Only enter your UNI Email address and press <enter>  (leave the password empty)
  27. When UNI signon apprears enter your Username and passphrase
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