Send Large Files

Want to send someone or a group of people a file that is too large to email?  Internet2 File Sender is a great way to share large files!

  1. In a web browser go to
  2. Select University of Northern Iowa from the list of organizations
  3. Login with your CatID username and passphrase
  4. Fill out the form with your email recipients, subject, message and file


Limitations of Filesender:

  • Maximum recipient addresses per email: Up to 100 email addresses separated by a comma or semi-colon
  • Maximum number of files per upload: One, in order to upload several files in one transaction, compress them into a single archive first
  • Maximum file size per upload, with Adobe Flash only: 2 GB
  • Maximum file size per upload, with HTML5: 9.77 TB
  • Maximum file / voucher expiry days: 14


Important Note:

FileSender may *never* be used to transfer documents that contain sensitive or confidential data unless the file has been appropriately encrypted prior to upload to FileSender.  Contact the ITS Security office if you have questions about the appropriate encryption.


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