ITS Charge Back Rates

Several services provided by ITS involve charge backs.  This supports the infrastructure to provide this functionality to campus.

VMware Server Virtualization

Virtual Servers are billed based on four tiers of service.  These tiers are defined by the maximum amount of virtual CPU and memory that the virtual machine will use.

VM TierMax Virtual CPUMax Virtual MemoryPrice Per Year
111 GB$270
222 GB$400
324 GB$500
4416 GB$720

Storage (Equallogic SAN)

ITS-NS provides storage on an Equallogic SAN primarily for virtual and physical machines.  There are two tiers of storage based on the speed of the underlying disk technology.  Tier 1 is slow storage and is more appropriate when high I/O performance is not necessary or when large amounts of storage are important.  Teir 2 is faster storage and is ideal for systems that require higher storage performance.

TierSpeedRAID LevelPrice
17200 RPM SATA6$0.75 / GB / Year
215,000 RPM SAS10$2.75 / GB / Year

Tape Backup

 $1.50 per GB per year

The GB count is determined by looking at the size of a full backup sent to the NetBackup server

Disk Backup

$3.50 per GB per year for data replicated to off-site datacenter
$2.50 per GB per year for data kept only on-site.

The GB count is determined by using the size of a department’s fileshare on the Exagrid, which measures the data after all copies are compressed and deduplicated

Voice Services

Products, services and rates for Voice Services can be found at

ITS - Educational Technoloigies Production House

Rates and services for the ITS-ET Production House can be found at

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