Adding Really Simple Syndicate (RSS) News & Blog Feed to Thunderbird

Adding a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) or Blog Feed Entry into Thunderbird

With version 0.8 of Thunderbird a new feature enables the reading of RSS Feeds and Blogs into the client software. Here’s an example of how to add some of the New York Times RSS feeds into Thunderbird.

      1)    You need to have version 0.8 or higher of Thunderbird installed, then...      

      2)    Tools / Account Settings / Add Account / RSS News & Blogs / Next / Next / Finish

      3)    Open your internet browser such as IE (Internet Explorer)

     4)    Find an RSS feed of interest, for example, Google for “New York Times RSS” 

RSS feeds from New York Times

5)    Place the mouse on the orange “XML” icon of interest, right-mouse-click then select “Copy Shortcut”. This places the shortcut address onto the Windows clipboard for pasting later.

6)    Return to the Thunderbird client, then.

7)    Tools / Account Settings / News & Blogs / Manage Substriptions... / Add

8)    Paste in the copied Shortcut (Ctrl-V or Edit/Paste) and click OK / OK

RSS Account Settings

At this point under the new category called “News & Blogs” (at the same level as your UNI Email or Local Folders), you should have your RSS feed you just added. You click on the folder and the RSS articles should open.

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