Operating Junk Mail with Thunderbird

Once Junk mail controls have been enabled you will need to train the system by both marking mail as “junk” as well as UNmarking mail from “junk”. This process will train the system to better understand YOUR preferences. To best utilize this feature we recommend the following sequence:

  1. Launch email program and sign in to your account
  2. Allow the program a minute or so to identify and move messages to the Junk folder
  3. Examine your Inbox and mark (there is a junk column flag for this as well as the Junk button) all messages you feel are Junk
  4. File/Compress your Inbox (very important step, messages are not be totally removed from the Inbox until this step is completed). If you notice a repeating/compounding of Junk messages it is likely you have forgotten this step in the sequence.
  5. Click on the Junk folder
  6. UNmark all messages in the Junk folder that are not junk and move them manually back to your Inbox
  7. Once all that is left in the Junk folder are junk messages then select Tools/Delete Mail Marked as Junk in Folder
  8. File/Compress the Junk folder
  9. Empty Trash regularly too

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